Use Google Drive to cut down your admin by 50%

Go ahead; become a Google Driver

Google Drive is your admin friend. Use Google Drive to cut down on your admin up to 50%. If you have Google Drive, you are as mobile as you can get.

Google Drive is really King of Storage, simple to use and user-friendly. Google Drive, the storage app from Google, provides you with 15 gigs of free storage space.  You can store any file or folder in your Google Drive Folder. If you have a Google Account, you automatically have access to Google Drive.

If you want to use Google Drive on your cellphone, you have to download the app either from the Play Store for Android phones or from the App Store if you have an iphone. 

You can easily access your documents from your cellphone once you have placed a copy of the file or folder in your Google Drive.

Watch the video on my Youtube Channel, School Corridor, for a relaxing, informative tutorial on how to upload files and folders and how to create a folder in google drive.

Use Google Drive to cut your admin by 50%

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