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Young Scholar Patrol Assistant  becomes a crime statistic Jade Jaftha  Tomorrow I will be attending the funeral of 12 year old Jade, a learner of St Mary’s Primary School in Retreat. Jade was one of her school's Scholar Patrol wardens, helping others to cross Retreat Road that carriers heavy traffic. She was also a keen soccer player, I am told.  My mind drifts off to Tuesday, the day Jade was killed. There Jade was, probably giggling and sharing girly moments with her two friends on their way home from school.  Perhaps they were teasing or sharing secrets while they waited to cross the busy road.  Then, without warning, the reckless taxi driver snuffs out Jade’s life and knocks the shoes right off her friend’s feet. School is community hub When I visit the school, I see Teresa, usually the epitome of calm, showing signs of strain.   She has spent the greater part of Tuesday evening at the day hospital with the injured friends of Jade.   Yet, hours later, Teresa had already

Our Amazing Children at Blouvlei LSEN school

Our special children have their own drum beat and it is our responsibility to decode it... There is one school where I have some of my most intense spiritual experiences. The school, Blouvlei LSEN school, always advertises my humanity, my frailty, without them even knowing. Today I am taken by Maureen to see the SNAP class where learners with disabilities of various kinds receive individual educare. I am introduced to two young learners. Autistic architects The first child is having a showdown with his facilitator/teacher and assistant. He is autistic and he knows how to dictate the terms. Today, says the trainer, is the start of their 'push back' strategy. Adam - not his real name - has to learn to cooperate with them. I meet Adam's mom too. She patiently listens to the new strategy and she is in agreement. Adam is moving about in the room and dismisses us.  The teacher assistant is so in tune with Adam's rhythms: she follows him quietly and just removes the obstacle

People's Power Rules... People's Power Rocks...

My Saturday is a paradox of sorts - I am a victim of crime just before going to two community peace-building events Waking up to news of a burglary... When I heard our car had been burgled during the early hours of this morning, I lost my temper. Yes, I ranted, the burglary was an act waiting to happen because we are too careless. We should learn to remove the car radio and valuables from the car and park the vehicle in the garage where it belongs. I suppose I could be forgiven for the outburst under the circumstances.  Getting my egg down... Once all the pent-up emotions subsided, sanity kicked in. We should not be too surprised when we become victims of theft, especially when we are surrounded by poverty-stricken communities where 40% of employable youth can’t find work and where family heads struggle to put bread on the table.  This is the reality. But this is just the start of my day... At Lavender Hill High School Lavender Hill from the parking area of the Lavende

Like a Candle in the Wind

Farewell, Serena Origin of name:  Serenus.  Meaning calm, tranquil, serene. Try as I would, the sudden passing on of a young mother and wife keeps popping up in my mind.  Serena was her name. Like a candle in the wind, she left this earth. But not before she had played two games of netball, probably harnessing all her energy and focusing on the moment. Then she was no more. Those who remain behind are still reeling with shock, trying to make sense of the brevity of life; searching for answers. One of my inspirational proverbs comes to mind: “ Do your outdoor work and get your fields ready, then build your house”.  Who says that Serena – a young wife and mother who succumbed to a suspected heart attack – had not come full circle by having completed her earthly stint and is ready to resume her spiritual existence? Are we perhaps not projecting our own lack of understanding of our purpose here on earth, when confronted with events such as these? It is during such raw moments, when we lo