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When school leaders run their own conferences, you have a winning recipe!

 The Conference Team in all their glory Back: Juan, Rowan, Oriett, Fernall, Earl, Vernon, Shaun, Terence, Middle: Jo-anne, Marcy, Lameez,  Cassy, Lavinia  Genine Front: Colleen, Ronelle, Tasneem, Michele,Sharon, Gerard, Noel, Zaida. Not in photo: Ivor, Rashida, Hilton Yes, one would think school leadership teams can't wait for Friday so that they can rest their brains and bodies. But not this group of vibrant, energising leaders from four of our schools. After a long week of running at full steam with the new curriculum, CAPS, Friday afternoon was the start of another brain- stretching marathon - our leadership conference that boasts of disruptive thinking, interacting and having loads of fun as well So there we were on Friday, 22 February, ready to hit the N1 for our think-tank session. From the four corners of the Lavender Hill-Retreat-Steenberg belt the cars moved towards Paarl. Here at Joie de Vivre we were going to host our  1⅟ 2   day leadership conference for the SMTs o