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Grassy Park High School’s Class of 89 stages a Grand Reunion.

The Reunion Hideout

There we were at Vanantheo ( Theo)’s place, welcomed by a huge sign, a personalized glass filled with a pen and blank business card for your networking contacts.That set the scene for a glorious, mad, spontaneous reunion of folk who have not seen one another for 24 years! Imagine – almost 2,5 decades yet one would have sworn it was just the other day.

The troop arrives...

Bonita breezed in and immediately tackled Nino for pretending NOT to know her in public, Lesley, the quiet youngster darted from place to place, enthralling us with his anecdotes of years gone by and then Alistair arrived with aplomb.After stomping at the entrance to the ‘chill section’, he gave us all the once over and then with a mixture of typical Cape Flats lingo, he worked his way round the circle to greet everyone.Selena just glanced around, sitting serenely and allowing the more vocal ones to make their presence felt.And of course, Heather decided that this was vengeance time –s he was going t…