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We are all gaga over Princess Bella

My word... just when I thought our empty nest is closer than we think, we become the extended parents and siblings of our latest arrival. Everybody was in an expectant frame of mind because our latest addition to the family was due to arrive on Sunday. The two pappas - Brett and Christo - had paid the lobola money so that Mamma Sasha could finally have her Princess.  Ooooh... and we agonised over names just before Princess Bella arrived. Mamma Sasha had us all write down names that went into a draw and Princess came out tops. I opted for Kia and later Venus, but no, the jury had decided: our green-eyed baba was going to be Princess. Bella was another favourite by Pappa Brett. Two Princesses: Sasha and Princess Bella chilling Even the cost of Princess was negotiated. Brett claimed he had no 'naming' rights and thus he would pay less.    I of course, made a forced payment after advancing the loan for the labola due. When the money was repaid after much haggling, may I add, there

Lourier Primary School is moving their Flywheel

Two proud Lourier  learners showcasing their trophies and certificates There is an Adam Small link to Lourier Primary Lourier Primary school has a rich history closely tied to South Africa’s outstanding dramatist and poet, Adam Small. I read in the ATKV’s magazine, Taalgenoot, that Adam Small received the Hertzog prize in September  2012, 47 years after he had written the timeless drama, Kanna hy k Ô hystoe . (Kanna comes home). Adam Small says his father was the principal of Lourier Primary and this is where he, Adam, learnt about urban poverty on the Cape Flats.  This is what he had to say: “ Hier het ek Kaaps leer ken. Dis waar my protes poësie – my siel – beslag gekry het. Jy skryf omdat jy gehoor wil wees, maar jy skryf ook omdat ander mense gehoor wil wees.” (Thank goodness Google has translation capabilities!) Well, I am sure Adam Small will be pleased to hear that Lourier Primary school wants to be seen AND heard. Despite the harsh socio-economic conditions and the challenges t

Hillwood Primary School hosts an Art exhibition in Lavender Hill

Imagine the thrill of going to an Art exhibition of children's artwork only AND then imagine the elation of attending an Historic first Art Exhibition hosted by Hillwood Primary School in Lavender Hill. Hillwood art students posing with Zain ( far left), Rachel Claassen, the principal (centre) and  volunteer  German students Zain, the art teacher of the group of learners who had never drawn or painted before, explained how the art group started. Rachel and Eunice admiring the artworks   “ I started with 7 learners and then the group grew to 57”, said Zain proudly. “ Now the group has 19 regular artists.  I don’t tell them what to draw; I allow their imaginations to dictate what appears on the page. I started playing Kenny G songs for them at the beginning, trying to create a calming atmosphere. There is lots of trauma in Lavender Hill and these learners have so many odds against them. But look at their masterpieces. I am privileged to have them as part of the art group.” Zain and h

Yolanda, My New Zealander friend and I make the most of our Telephone dates

The telephone still fills gaps The world is really a global village. Who would have thought that the humble telephone is STILL a powerful social medium tool?  When you talk with someone over the telephone you can still hear the person's voice, hearing all the inflections and the range of emotions that emerge during the conversation.  There is no need for emoticons to say "hey, I am now smiling or watch me crunch my nose". The benefits of telephone conversations supercede other social media in other ways as well.  We can say much more and because of  the pauses created by the long distance travel of our voices, we have to listen more and listen attentively too.The telephone  is my key communication medium with my Kiwi friend, Yolanda. So, say once a month - or sometimes two  - if my dearest buddy, Yolanda, is in the mood to bond with her Seffrican friend, we have our telephone date. Yolanda when she was still a teacher at Grassy Park High School Yolanda, christe