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Aspiring principals attend CTLI course

I am always full of admiration for teachers who attend holiday courses. Today I loved engaging a group of mainly deputy principals who are putting up their hands and saying: i want to lead a school and make an impact."
If you create an environment for people to learn from peers, they share freely. During our session today, participants eagerly shared tried and tested strategies on how to build school libraries, how to manage safety and security at schools and so forth. 
What I pick up during these presentations is that schools don't provide enough opportunities for SMT members to engage financial management issues at schools. Another oversight is that SMTs don't really study circulars and share their insights with the staff and themselves. 

If we want to cultivate well informed principals and senior management staff, we need to expose them to the high level organizational and management structures and systems. This is what mentorship and sposorship are all about.
I hope that …

Every South African should have the opportunity to visit the Iziko Slave Lodge.

Every Capetonian, in fact, every South African, should visit the Iziko Slave Lodge near the Cape Town Company Gardens. Today, our education district, accompanied by learners from Aloe Secondary School, commemorated Human Rights Day by touring the Slave Lodge.

Be warned. The experience can be emotional as you confront our history from the the Cape's role in the Indian slave trade route to the bitter struggle to free South Africa from the clutches of Apartheid.

Our tour guides, coordinated by Nadjwa Damon, the Social History Educator at Iziko museums, ensured that the experience of our heritage was soul-enriching. Nadjwa narrated our slave history sensitively,  enhancing our knowledge of our rich past and acknowledging those experiences which we have shared in our lifetime.

We were given time to absorb the information and to reflect on the journey into our past. We slipped into the world of our slave forefathers via the many original prison documents, birth certificates, private let…

We need more women in top leadership positions in companies and at schools.

Cape Winelands Education District hosted a Leadership Conference for Deputy Principals on Saturday.  I chose to focus on the role female leaders can play to eradicate the gender prejudice with its manifestations of gross violence, injustice and abuse against women.

Here is a snapshot of my talk that was entitled: Women in Leadership: It is time to bring gender balance in the top leadership structures in organizations.

My argument was premised on the following three key points:

1.    We need women with positional power and influence in organizations to   advance the human rights of women.  
Globally, women are progressively being subjected to extreme forms of violence and abuse in all areas of their lives.

In this past week, we had two young women violently raped and brutally murdered. The one victim, Fransziska Blochliger, went for a jog in Tokai forest and within hours,  she was a badly-battered corpse. The other victim, Sinoxolo Mafevuka, of Khayelitsha, was found dead, half naked, …

The SGB Forum in the Retreat-Lavender Hill area is going to be a powerful community structure.

The SGB Forum in the Retreat-Lavender Hill-Steenberg area is going to be a powerful community structure. Today the EXCO of the SGB forum had a development and training session on Interpersonal Skills and Communication and on Drafting their constitution.

We were reminded again how important it is for leaders to have a high degree of self-awareness to enable them to become great relational people. Leaders need a high level of interpersonal skills and be aware that that they must first seek to understand others before they want to influence others.

Our icebreaker word-building game helped the participants to see that collaborative work is far more rewarding because of the access to more brains, higher energy and better success. It was fascinating to see how the group moved from wanting to build their own individual words from a limited number of letter tiles to constructing an elaborate stream of words when they teamed up their efforts.

As a forerunner to constructing their vision and …

We launched our MSED Talk Series 2016 in our education district today.

Today was the day our education district, Metro South, launched its lunchtime talk series. We are super excited about the possibilities of this talk platform to energise our conversations in the district.
The idea is to invite speakers from education, other industries and all walks of life to share their stories with us. Through the exchange of ideas, we want to share research, knowledge, advice and wisdom with real people who like us, are striving to live a purposeful life, especially in our country.

Our first speaker was Lorenzo Davids, the CEO of Community Chest. Lorenzo's talk " A country imagined - challenges born of hope", oozed with authenticity.

" Stories of who we are, are getting lost, " said Lorenzo. " Everybody must tell their stories so that we can build inclusive spaces.  Dialogue must lead to inclusivity. We need to build relationships, play by the rules and live a values-based life. This is what responsible citizens will do."

Our di…