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The launch of Child Protection and Youth Month at Metro South EducationDistrict.

The Social Worker component at our education district launched our Child Protection and Youth Month campaign.

The sad reality is that our children are extremely vulnerable and they are subjected to all forms of abuse, neglect and sexual abuse. We were reminded that our children are entrusted to us; that it is our legal and moral responsibility to protect our children against all forms of abuse.

Our district director, Glen van Harte, said, "We need to recommit and reenergize ourselves to look after our children. We have to watch our language. Language has the ability to leave scars that are often far more damaging than physical scars. We have to mediate the language we use with one another and with children. We need to be mindful of the relationships we have with one another and with our teachers. It is also important to look after ourselves so that we can look after our children."

Lucinda Pelston, our Senior Social worker and Head of the Social Work unit at the district, de…

Dalin Oliver provides laughter therapy for teachers at our district today.

As I have explained, our education district, Metro South Education District (MSED) has started our MSED Talks. Our director, Glen van Harte, has a nickname for the talks, MSED FLs. Before your minds race to wonderfully, crazy never lands, FL stands for Friday Lectures.

Today we had #Dalin Oliver, a vibrant comedian, ex-teacher and a sports presenter on Goodhope FM radio station.

The attendance was fantastic too. Many of our schools joined us and we had a large group of Metro Central district colleagues in the house as well.

Dalin''s talk was entitled, I came. I taught. I left, a title drawn from his popular comedy show. Dilan's rapport with the large crowd was brilliant. Despite his youth, he knows how to engage a rather mature audience.

Daily took the audience on a humorous trip to his experiences in the classroom ( for a whopping five months) his colourful memories of growing  up in the Retreat community and his experiences as a cricket coach for tween and teenagers.