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Fun with my colleagues at our district office

How often don't we work with people for years then we don't even know who they truly are? I am in the same boat. I often do not have time to bond with my colleagues from other sections in our district. Besides my being located at one of our satellite offices, I rarely make contact with many of them because we have so many different sections. Take for example, my colleagues in the corporate services component, the ones who help to ensure that our schools receive financial management support. Now and then we see one another and exchange pleasantries. On one occasion I arrived very early for a meeting with a colleague in the Corporate Services Department.. The other colleagues and I started chatting about all kinds of things - the weather, our children, life at the coalface and life in general. The mood was jovial and as time passed, we became more relaxed. Eventually I had to run out of their office to be on time for my meeting. That pleasant exchange we had changed the dynamics

Women are invisible at schools

  Despite all the talk about breaking down those social,cultural and economic barriers that prevent women from top management and leadership positions, the reality is we are not making real inroads. Women are invisible -.this is a fact! At schools where we are engaging a curriculum that embodies the principles of inclusivity, the drivers are often the victims of marginalization in their own workplace.   Female teachers are invisible as key leaders at their own schools At schools where women are often the largest sector of the workforce, it is even more disturbing that the macho culture is deeply entrenched. Most female educators are not given the opportunity to develop their strategic leadership skills and many are not given the space to participate in strategic decision-making processes.   I was confronted with this reality while facilitating at a 'Women in and into leadership positions' training course.. The women in my group were mainly post level one educators. Many of th