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Poor learner performance means there are serious systems issues at the school.

A new school year marks joy or agony for schools Another school year has begun. Again, school heads and their leadership teams confront the question: how can they lead and manage their schools so that they have inspired, committed staff that will deliver superior classroom teaching. Schools that are delivering excellent learner results,  will obviously look at ways to raise their game even more so.  However, there will be poor performing schools that may repeat history if they do not take stock of their own reality.  Poor learner performance means there are serious  systems issues at the school. Leave the children out of the equation to get to the deep systemic issues at school. Many  school heads and their SMTs that are quietly questioning why their school performance is poor when compared with schools with similar contexts as theirs, are already starting on the wrong foot.  Everybody at the school knows deep down what the real problems are, but they are afraid to ackno