Milkwood Lodge is a fantastic launch pad to see Hermanus

We were ready to have as much fun as we could have on our breakaway to Hermanus, the town where the whales are the magnet, amongst other things.  We wanted nothing but glorious abandon and boy, we got everything we wished for.

We had booked at Milkwood lodge for our 1,5 day stay in Hermanus.  We love to visit Hermanus  once in a while because this town has so much to offer the tired spirits and the overworked bodies. One of our exciting trips to Hermanus was when we went a trip organised by the Two Oceans Aquarium - a whole busload of us.. On that outing we even cancelled our walk along cliff paths because an amazing school of whales frolicked a couple of metres from the lookout point. Even the whale crier was jobless on the day.  Thus, armed with all these warm, fuzzy memories, we left Cape Town in high spirits.  The weather was fantastic, the music and chatter from the radio were laidback and we were all charged to pack in as much fun as we could.

Clockwise from Top: Me and Linda, the perfect host, Sasha and Basil at the breakfast table, our nest for the night and the elegant serving dishes and crockery on the breakfast table
Now, what a wonderful experience we had at Milkwood Lodge. We met Linda, the owner, who welcomed us like old friends. She took us to our cottage and then we chatted about our planned activities for the day. Linda made a few suggestions as well and off she went, leaving us to ease in.  That set the tone for the rest of our experience at Milkwood.

If ever you want to have a glorious retreat in a tranquil, soul-inspiring setting with the family, we would recommend Milkwood Lodge without hesitation. The setting is surreal. The garden area has a khoipond, a lunch/picnic table nook, braai area and pool - all harmoniously and tastefully linked with winding brickpaving paths and dotted with - I think - Milkwood trees. And, from our designer cottage patio, we had a stunning view of majestic folded mountains decked ever so slightly with a cloudy cap. Sasha had her first experience picking locquats straight from Mother nature while we sipped our drinks and puffed away.
Snapshots of the garden-setting and Sasha standing on the cottage patio.

Then off we went to Market square, a firm favourite and a stone's throw away from the playground of the Southern Right Whales. The gaiety and laidback attitude is infectious here. So, while we admire all the crafts and do quick sums of price differences here and closer to home, we half-sway to the djembe drumming filling the air, sorely tempted to join the school children dancing. Browsing leisurely and buying the odd item here and there, takes on a new flavour in this space.  Time flies when you are having fun and before we know it, our stomachs tell us it is time to pop in at Ocean basket.  When we return to our 'home from home', Sasha and I have our own fun taking random pictures and Basil of course, has sniffed out a pub with slot machines, somewhere between our browsing at the craft stalls and returning to Milkwood. As an aside, Basil has seriously missed his calling as a P.I - what he sees and sniffs out amazes me even after 27 years!
Waiting for the whales and having family fun

The next morning we joined the other guests for breakfast in the Guest house. What a fantastic treat to be  ensconced in an eclectic blend of sophistication, homeliness and natural goodness.  Linda is there to bid us good morning and we dive into freshly-baked breads, pancakes, fresh fruit and yoghurt. The kitchen staff drift in occasionally to ensure that we have our orders and are happy to engage in conversation when you initiate one. After we had had our breakfast, Linda joins us again and like the perfect host, rounds off our breakfast scene and gets us talking about our day out in town and our plans for the rest of Saturday.

There is nothing starchy about Milkwood Lodge despite the fact that the entire lodge - from the guesthouse proper to the cottages and the landscaped estate - is worth every one of the four stars it is rated.
Snapshots of our walkabout and breakfast mania 

After thanking our host, Linda , we left for Market Square again to see if we could spot our giant ocean friends. We spent about an hour and half basking on the rocks, soaking up the fresh air and making small talk with other whale watchers. Being Proudly South African we freely shared titbits of our country, especially of Cape Town with two Israeli hip tourist girlfriends, also perched on the rocks, waiting for the whales.

That was one glorious breakaway that we won't forget soon... Now I can happily continue spinning again like a hamster on a wheel till the next exciting venture that will beckon...


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