OXY Punk Rockers at the Jolly Roger in a Jamming Play-off

The OXY Punk rock group is becoming better and bigger.  The OXY band members are Brandon ( also the Manager of the band), Byron, Micki and Christo - four fun-loving young men who enjoy their music and they enjoy having loads of fun.

You must come out to see them. Nigel Pearce of Good Hope invited them to studio and liked what they had to say and even indicated he will play their demo if they bring one along. The only drawback is that hiring a studio is expensive for these youngsters. But, who knows...

Enjoy these snapshots taken by one of their die-hard fans.

Micki bonding with the crowd. Brandon,their band leader is amazing...

  Their music has become more refined and the crowds love them! 

" We want Thunderpants"! Shouted the crowd at their last jamming session. And did the OXY guys oblige?
Oh Yeah...

From left: Micki (Lead guitar), Christo (on drums), Byron( bass) and Brandon (rhthym and  Band Manager)

So, if you have nothing to do on Wednesday, 02 April, then come along to the Jolly Roger pub and bathe in the OXY sounds. See you there!

Byron enjoying the crowd

Setting up... just love the drummer!


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