Holiday periods should be embraced, not cursed


Scene from Kleinmond camp

I know there are folk who secretly hate holidays, especially the long annual holidays. These are the ones who would deliberately delay their annual leave until after the crazy season. Then there are those who suddenly transform into grouchy souls and withdraw into themselves. Nope, we are not facing the world now... there is way too much nothingness around, I can almost hear them muttering to their collarbones.

I cannot really blame them for wanting to avoid this sudden switch; emerging from the world whizzing past, to this pitstop in the middle of nowhere. I suppose it can become overwhelming when your regular patterns of work, sleep, social life and thought patterns are disturbed. Suddenly you don't have to respond to an alarm and rush off to wash, get dressed in work attire, face peak traffic and arrive at work, dreading all the demands on a conveyer belt. Suddenly and shockingly, you have to deal with YOU.


Strangely, this life you craved for when work, family and debt became too much during the year, becomes a rather daunting challenge.Even the brain doesn't know what to do during this recess because the competition for space by all those complex and conflicting thoughts is no more. It is something like coming off an adrenalin- high rollercoaster after a mind blogging spin. Yes, that is exactly what I experience too and I need some time to adjust to this vacuum that just plonked itself there.

This is a normal, healthy trauma. Once you have overcome the psychological shock, you can relax. Change gear and see the possibilities that are beckoning. Now you have all the time and freedom in the world to shape your own day. Now you are also able to enjoy being surprised (and even irritated) by those who enter your circle.

This is the magic of hitting the holiday season. You need to embrace this time of marching to a different rhythm. You need to accept mentally and physically that this time of freedom is entirely yours. You can decide exactly what you want to do. Nature also helps us along with its long, lazy days so that we forget about time. Breakfast can happen at 2pm and supper can take its spot anywhere between midnight and dawn.


If your idea of resting is working in your garden, trawling the shopping malls, fixating on social media or watching television, then so be it. No rules apply. If camping is your scene or holidaying at some local or international resort, then just do it. Don't apologise for not knowing what to do at times. Give yourself permission to be bored too. Boredom reminds us that we are alive!


Embrace all the blank spaces for those are the very moments when your creativity will be heightened, your spirit will be relaxed and your body will knitting all those tired overworked bones. The only no-no is to recoil from this season of renewal by forcing yourself to be alienated from the rest of the world who wants to reconnect with you during this time.


In short, this is the No Rules time. This is the Bend the Rules happy hour. Yes, step aside, you analogue and digital clock AND, welcome bio-rhythms of the real me.That's the beauty of having a holiday, a time of sabbatical because we need it. Annual holiday periods are the oxygen tanks and the spiritual oases to counter balance our rushed lives.


So, what are you waiting for? Take the break... Get a life...

Having fun






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