The Job Application Smarts Blog Series walks you through from the CV to the job interview.

Do you need to sharpen your job application skills or do you just want to update that old curriculum vitae that has lost its edge?  Well, you are at the right place to help you lift your career search.

I have written a blog series on JOB APPLICATION SMARTS. These guidelines will  help you to create your web-based curriculum vitae and be ultra ready to face that job interview.

The themes of the Job Applications smarts are as follows:

This post explores the need for transformational school leaders. Far too many Heads of school are still driven by rules and regulations. When aspiring teachers apply for senior management positions at schools, it is critical that they understand the critical role they need to play as social change agents. 

  • Creating and uploading your web-based curriculum vitae on the WCEDs e-recruitment website.

  • The power of the curriculum vitae.

There are two posts on crafting your Curriculum vitae (CV). The one post, Crafting a CV for the job you want, will appeal to those who already have a CV.  The importance of matching your skills with the job requirements is discussed.

The second post will help newly-qualified teachers write a good CV, although they may only have teaching experience gained during their internship. That step-by-step guide can be tracked via this link.

A third post , " How to ensure your job application works in your favour"serves as a checklist to ensure that your job application and CV satisfy all the requirements. This is important because any important omission can result in the disqualification of your application. 

  • Preparing for the job interview

The STAR interview technique will be discussed.

If you have any special request, feel free to drop me a line and I will definitely respond.


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