What Freedom Day means to me as an Education Official

On this Freedom Day,

  • I want to remind myself that first and foremost, I am in education because of the children we serve in our schools and that I should...

  • remember that our children are wonderfully and beautifully made no matter how difficult they make our lives at times;

  • realize that we as adults are the ones who should change our beliefs about children and their potential to learn so that we can unlock their amazing gifts;

  • work with principals and teachers to help them deepen the quality of leadership and teaching so that our children's brilliance can be unearthed;

  • remind myself that I am learning all the time and that I do not have the answers and therefore depend on others to help me grow;

  • continue to encourage our schools to make all our children avid readers so that they can help to speed up their learning;

  • be mindful that principals are human and that sometimes the responsibilities of leading a school can be overwhelming;

  • allow myself to be vulnerable and continue to find ways to show principals and their staffs that I care deeply about their well-being;

  • keep abreast of what is happening in education, stay relevant and current so that I can improve my own service to schools and their communities;

  • guard myself against all the negativity and hopelessness that surround us, threatening to suck us in and taking our focus away from our children and their right to excellent education;

  • never forget to thank all those who commit their lives to transforming the lives of our children and our communities.


If I practise these principles,  I will be reminded of the blessings I receive daily in my job.

Happy Freedom Day to all...


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