Welcome to my new Youtube Channel, School Corridor

I know, I know... this blog has been in hibernation for a loooong while.

I finally found a new way of reaching out to you. The School Corridor Tatler is really a super communication channel, but I have upped my game. I have taken the plunge and now I am the proud creator of... Drum roll please... The School Corridor Youtube Channel!

I hope you enjoy this very first video of the School Corridor Channel. I am super excited to have you there as well. Let's learn and have fun together! The School Corridor Channel is here to grow, inspire and empower you as leaders at schools or anywhere else.

School Corridor Youtube Channel Focus

The content will cover three streams:
  • Talks and presentations on leadership research, qualities of great leadership and how you can help yourself grow to become a great leader. Personal well-being will also be a focus.
  • The second stream will focus on Q&As, interviews and book reviews.
  • The third stream will focus on instructional videos on web tools, starting with the Google Apps Suite.
We want to Think fresh and Do Different.
  • Here is the link to the School Corridor Launch video. Have fun and let me know what you think of the School Corridor Youtube Channel:

Welcome to School Corridor Youtube Channel

You can drop comments ( uplifting and wonderfully constructive ones) and your brilliant ideas in the comments box on Youtube.

And if you really enjoy the channel, please consider subscribing or refer friends who can glean something meaningful from the School Corridor Channel.

Continue flying along the corridors, keep learning, keep flipping your staffroom and create the magic in all the spaces where you find yourself.

Till next time!


  1. Please give guidance about wced e-recruitment application : What will be your experience set name if you are a departmental head and apply for a deputy principal/principal posts.
    What skills on wced -e-recruitment online system will fit the bests for your deputy principal and principal posts.

  2. Hi Antonie. You can use Leadership and Management experience as a title.

  3. How to join the group

  4. Can you pls make work plan for p2 example

  5. P2 work plan


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