Basil's birthday becomes a 2-day event in Somerset West surrounds

We love Birthday Parties

Me with the Birthday King

My family loves birthdays and we love to celebrate. I for one, love theme birthday parties and the crazier the better. Even our children get excited when there is a birthday pending because they know something is going to happen.  Basil, however, is the more sober one. He is the one who would take on the philosopher look and attitude and see the Big Day as just another moment in history. But that is where I and the children create balance and perspective. Oh no, there is no quiet passing of time at all as far as we are concerned. Last year we went to the Barnyard Theatre in Tygervalley to see the Rock show and did we have fun!  One would have sworn we are the birthday crew - dancing and rocking to the music and chomping away at pizzas and downing either cooldrink or a glass o' wine.

This year was different though. You see, our children are outgrowing us to a large extent and so with we decided to go it alone this year with their blessings; they had their own commitments and were happy to spend time with their own friends. So off Basil and I went, ready to have as much fun as we could muster!

At Miquel's Al Forno in Gordon's Bay
Having supper at Miquel's in Gordon's Bay. Top pic: the pub  at  Lord Charles.

We first booked in at Lord Charles Hotel in Somerset West and then off we went to Miquel's Al Forno in Gordon's Bay for supper. This cosy restaurant with its lively chatter was ideal and the food is tasty and well presented. It is amazing how quiet the world is outside of Cape Town. You mainly find pubs open and we were surprised to see that a quaint bookstore along the beach front was also open. The only place other than Miquel's that was fairly well populated was the Spur restaurant.

Basil, the Birthday man at different spots at Lord Charles
Breakfast on the Garden Terrace

The next morning we had breakfast on the terrace at Lord Charles. I have no idea where all the people came from but the place was abuzz. The weather was brilliant and the breakfast spread is extremely generous.  We ate in stages, just chilling and enjoying the hospitality and exceptional service by the waitrons. Literally, your every need is catered for. If you choose to,you can literally sit and be waited on. I was intrigued when a group of guests decided to move their chairs to a shadier section on the terrace. Minutes later two waitrons appeared, lifted their table and moved the table closer to the occupants who had shifted away.  I can live with this kinda treatment! By this time we had already struck up a rapport with our gorgeous waitress, Jojina.   After downing down dollops of salmon and other breakfast treats and 2 glasses of champagne, we were ready to leave. Jojina asked us to wait a few moments and then re-appeared with a chocolate inscripted 'Happy Birthday' dessert for Basil. That was now really a big wow!
Posing with the Personalised dessert Basil received at Lord Charles

Finally we managed to drag ourselves out of the Garden Terrace. We then went on a leisurely walk to take in what else the Lord Charles had to offer. The grounds are beautiful - the sprawling lawns with a large outdoor chess board, a lake and an arbour tucked away are pleasures that can be enjoyed. Both of us agreed: the decision to explore Lord Charles was a wonderful experience - we should do it again sometime.

Really a super duper breakaway and a glorious way to celebrate Basil's birthday - he definitely deserved to be spoilt rotten... And who says birthdays should be a one-day event, Lol?


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