Prize giving ceremonies are stepping stones to reach bigger goals

I have just returned from the prize giving ceremony at Steenberg Primary School. The entire event celebrated centered the youth, including the entertainment and the keynote address.
The recipients of various awards at Steenberg Primary School
The Grade R learners provided us with light "wishy, washy down", banana and fishy singalongs between the various categories, singing at the top of their voices and contorting their bodies into half moons and great white sharks. Such confidence and spontaneity!

Mujaheed, the keynote speaker , flanked by his sister and another awardee
The keynote speaker was an equally confident young man. Mujaheed Damon is an alumnus of Steenberg Primary School and he is a good role model for his younger peers at Steenberg Primary. He is currently a Grade 9 learner at Norman Hensilwood High School and he was here tonight to show learners that resilience is a powerful indicator of success.
Mujaheed, the keynote speaker , flanked by his sister and another awardee

Keynote by Grade 9 learner, Mujaheed
Just like the awardees of the night, Mujaheed too started carving his journey of success at an early age. Mujaheed spoke about the balance in his life - focusing on his schoolwork, exploring opportunities to showcase his singing talent and involving himself in his favourite sport, soccer. To date he has played for three major clubs - Old Mutusl, Ajax and Santos and his singing talent has secured him a spot in an overseas production of Beauty and the beast musical. Now, how cool is that?
" I am very grateful for what I had achieved. Mrs Dick was the one who gave me the pamphlet for an audition at Artscape. That is how I landed a role in the musical. There are so many opportunities and learners have the talent and the skill to grab these with both hands," encouraged Mujaheed. "Parents have to recognize our talents and push us to the very end. Learners, take the advice and support from both your parents and your teachers; it will only benefit you in the long run."

Affirmations create traction
Mujsheed's inspirational talk was like a breathe of fresh air, showing how small successes like achieving awards at annual school functions are the building blocks of future greatness. He clearly showed all of us that believing in yourself, setting goals and looking after yourself physically, spiritually and intellectually, you can become the best you can be.

I came home, feeling buoyant about the amazing capacity of our young heroes. A huge round of applause to the Head of the school, Cassy Dick, her passionate staff and especially to Gerarde Osman for his sterling coordination of the event.


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