St Mary's R.C. Primary School in Retreat celebrates their 80th Anniversary

Learners playing the violin and recorder

One of the perks of my job is that I am often invited to school events. This morning I attended the 80th anniversary thanksgiving service of St Mary's R.C. Primary School. The service with all its pomp and ceremony was beautiful. The school choir and the liturgical dancers stole my heart. At one point I looked back to check if it was the school choir singing like nightingales. You almost feel whisked away to another era!

A few of the past teachers and their past students

The reception after the service was like a market place. Everybody was somehow connected. I even met an old neighbour, Sister Mary, who struggled to disentangle herself from someone else who was overjoyed to see her.

As usual, I assumed my role as photographer, snapping away at various scenes unfolding in the hall. When I wanted to take pictures of a group of past students, one woman asked me to wait a while. She darted off and then returned with her then "Sub A" teacher dangling for dear life on the now grown student's arm. When a fellow guest saw this, she rushed off to fetch her standard three teacher, one of the nuns. After all the hugs and the snippets that came gushing from the teachers' "children", I eventually managed to take a picture with no heads chopped off.

A few of the learners who have started playing the violin and recorder, entertained us with a few recitals. In no time the parents formed their own press circle, taking pictures of their children. What a lovely sight to see these children playing the violin especially!

St Mary's R.C. Primary School staff

That was a good way to spend a Saturday morning. I often long to sleep in on a Saturday after a hectic week, but if it means missing a celebration, the school usually wins.

Congratulations, Teresa, to you and your school community. May the doors of learning stay open for ever at St. Mary's Primary School.



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