This year we attended our third #Senior Year Valedictory

Bergvliet High School: class of 2014

We have completed our round of valedictories in our family. Sasha, our only daughter, is about to write her Grade 12 finals in a week's time. Goodness, how time flies! Not too long ago, this young woman was in Grade R, then in Grade 7 and now, here she is saying farewell to her school career!


The valedictory was a beautiful occasion. Sasha beamed whenever she caught my eye and my heart was pumping red, red roses and pulsating with wondrous joy. I loved the bow and arrow analogy that Mr Price, Bergvliet's principal, used in his address to the valedictorians.


"Think of the bow as your parents, your teachers, everybody that influenced your life and yourself as the arrow," Mr Price said. The bow has been pulled back far enough to shoot you, the arrow, as far as we, the archers, could. "In other words, we have provided you with all the love, care, support and opportunities in life and now it is entirely up to you to take advantage of the headstart we gave you."


This bow and arrow analogy struck a chord with Sasha as well.


" Mr Price was talking to me, Mom. I am going to fly. That's all that I was thinking about. " And I hope you heard that part where Mr Price said that parents mustn't make their dreams ours. Did you hear that? I was trying to catch your eye at the time, but I couldn't see you."


Ouch. What a reason to give me the eye! But I understood. I have been trying to persuade my strong-willed baby to consider teaching as well and this suggestion has its own drawbacks, given my profession. I smiled sweetly, suppressing any desire to stir this debate.


After the valedictory, the semi-school-free bunch organized their lifts to Clifton Beach. Parents and teachers, I suppose, became a blur while fun and celebrations were beckoning. In typical teenager style, they had enjoyed the event, taken pictures with the parents and now the next wave of excitement was a mere 20 kilometer drive to the coast.


Needless to say, the whole weekend became an extended valedictory festival. We didn't mind being on call because we know the therapeutic value of such moments. After all the excitement has died down, Sasha and her peers have to bury their heads deeply into their books, notebooks, e-notes and whatsapp study groups for the next month.


Natalie, Sasha and Tristan at Clifton Beach

Best of luck, Sash, for the Matric Finals. We love you lots and lots...

Sasha and her proud mom



Sasha and her classmates






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