Five cool websites for new teachers, experienced teachers and principals.

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Here are FIVE websites that can be part of your digital starter kit as a new teacher. These websites are gold mines of teaching resources, curriculum and other policy documents pertaining to education, media resources and online communities.

Each new teacher needs a good handbook filled with instructional techniques.

1. You will love the book, Teach like a champion by Doug Lemov.There is a PDF copy of Teach like a champion at the following website:

2. a book study on Teach like a champion. This website also contains good resources and book studies on the management of classroom discipline.

Teaching resources and online communities

3. Classroom solutions website. This website has good CAPS teaching resources and an online community.

4. Make the education website of the Department of Basic Education (DBE) your home page. This extensive website has links to most policy documents and curriculum resources. You will also find the link to the South African education portal, Thutong, here.

Thutong is useful for school principals, high school teachers and students. Thutong is an online community with many shared resources for teachers and links to the national and provincial education websites.

5. This website is one of my favourite sites. You will find good tips and strategies that can be applied in your primary or high school classes. The video links to talks by say, Sir Ken Robinson, save you hours of time surfing the net.

Bookmark these websites so that they are but a click away on your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Are there other websites that we can add to this list?


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