Tackle your goals by planning well.

Don't disturb. Goals asleep.

When the year starts, you have your own tinsel box of goals, right? You burst on to the scene like a firecracker and poof... you know the outcome. Let's try the chess player model this year. Start with a game plan, know the patterns that can help or block you, then move skillfully to clinch your win.

Take a common broad goal such as better time management. If you have been struggling to manage your time, you are not going to become the punctual, efficient person immediately. You need to put in the hours. Tackle your laziness to plan and do what you have committed to do. Full stop.

Here is is an example of an action chart to inspire you to design your own lazy-busting framework:

1. Start with an In-your-face planning calendar

Create a google online calendar and plot all your important start and Realistic, Doable deadlines. Stick to these deadlines.

2. Prioritise one non-negotiable key task

Identify your zero tolerance priority and just stick to it.

3. Arrive earlier at work

Arrive 30 minutes earlier. If you arrive later, you are late.

4. Repeat steps 2and 3

Repetition builds routine. Routines build habits.

Go for it, Now.


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