Oh strip that calloused skin that blocks your heart,
Express the fear,the hurt, the betrayal that encrust your belly,
Be true, be bold, get real;
We’ve had enough of masquerades
Be you, be human.

Admit that life is hard,
That stones of learning hurt,
That arrows of experience pierce,
            How does one scale the barbed fence of Life,
If every act or action was a honey-dripping animated cartoonish piece of bull ?

Yet, when you’ve erased that suffocating veneer,
When the raw paralyzing pain of guilt
May seem to uproot you,
Then You’ll realise that you’re just like the mustard seed
With bounteous life force
‘Cause now you can flourish without that crippling burden;
You will be victorious.

                                                            S.P. Lewin

(Written 15/9/05 )


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