Women's Day Celebrations at Prince George Primary in Lavender Hill

Women Staff at Prince George Primary School receives five-star treatment from their School Governing Body

I was in awe of the Women's Day Celebrations that the School Governing Body (SGB) of Prince George Primary hosted in honour of  all the women at Prince George Primary - the educators, support staff, admin staff, parent volunteers at the school - EVERYBODY. Adele Campbell, the chairperson, was the brain behind this auspicious event.The event was fit for dignitaries of our communities - the bedrock of growing healthy communities - Women!

Strike a woman, you strike a rock, says Prince George Primary SGB
The programme was two-fold. The first part consisted of us honouring all South African women, present and past, who have helped to shape our future. Adele, a proud alumnus of the school, peppered her talk with humorous anecdotes of the women who have influenced her, a few of her teachers being teased endlessly for their contributions.  She says she is still a child of Lavender Hill, although now she lives in the 'sturvy' part of the Hood.  This comment had other parents clamouring to indicate they too had moved into the 'upper' class sections.

We delivered our tribute to the mothers, the nurturers of our children who depend on them to fight back, to help break down the cycle of poverty. We applauded them for their dedication and their passion and their persistent drive to give our children world class education. These speeches were woven into a magical whole by the powerful soul-stirring renditions of the Celine Dion-Bee Gees version of 'Immortality' by another alumnus of PGP: Maybeline.  There we sat side by side - educators, parents, officials, administrative and support staff - unified as a community. It was surreal!

Snapshots of the Celebrations: Adele entertaining us (bottom left) and Lameez standing with Edgars staff (bottom right)

Next on the programme was the pamper session.  Here the women were treated to hand massages and a talk by a counsellor, another resident of Lavender Hill. Edgars staff and Sh'zen consultants were on hand, turning the ordinary classroom into a health spa. The decor and the delicious array of platters added to the ambience.  The atmosphere was electric - a cacophony of unbridled laughter, joy and a celebration of womanhood.  Then eventually the celebrations wound down and we left, filled with renewed vigour and high spirits - armed too with a five-star goodie bag.

This Women's Day celebration is definitely one of the highlights on my calendar this year. When you see ordinary community members doing extraordinary things for one another, you are aware of the power vested in all of us. When I looked at Mrs Dirks, 77 years old who after years of connection with the school through generations of her children and grandchildren, still helping to make sandwiches for the school children, my heart soars.  There is no substitute for community activism. It is absurd to think one can crush the human spirit with policies and structures that entrench and legitimise poverty.  Adele and her team have demonstrated that when we allow folk to take charge of their lives, then we will see the awesome waves of transformation.

A high five to Adele Campbell and her governors for hosting a Women's Day Celebration event par excellence.

Part of the crowd enjoying themselves at Prince George Primary's Women's Day Celebrations


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