Berg River Camping Retreat

Back at the Berg...

Berg River with rapids in the distance
Our brains possess the miraculous ability to re-wire our thoughts in an instant. After spending the greater part of the year like madmen on a highway chase, we are calibrated to go into holiday zone. We are slowed down so that our senses can be drenched in the sounds, smells, tastes and feelings of REAL life; an absolute necessity else we will go crazy “chasing pavements” as Adele sings. Our family is going nowhere slowly here at the Berg river resort in Paarl. Although the sun bakes fiercely here in the Swartland, we are willing to make that sacrifice.
Our home from home at the Berg River  Resort  

View from our caravan - area where you can go down the rapids

There is nothing more therapeutic than surrendering yourself to the rhythms of nature. Simple pleasures abound. A critter that would normally scare the daylights out of our children, become an object of wonder – science in motion.

 Just this afternoon, while the family kids – Sasha, Nazeer and Reagan – were relaxing on the inflatable mattress ( that also doubles as a raft), a worm was crawling up Nazeer’s arm. Sasha shrieked with laughter, pointing to her new find. For the next few minutes, Nazeer held his pose so that all the cousins could watch the worm arching, gaining traction and then edging closer to the shoulder.

Riko, sitting close by playing games on his cellphone, heard the shrieks and dashed over. With one swipe, the worm was no more. Instead of being the hero, Riko was grilled for having taken the life of an innocent worm, with Nazeer adding fuel to the tirade by imitating the worm’s hypnotized shock just before Riko gave the deathly swipe!  
Afternoon relaxing moment

Everything is super chilled. The Berg River is our playground and the chirping of colourful birds darting from one weeping willow tree to the next, our music. Tractor moans, bicycle squeaks, children’s chatter and sprinklers fill the air.  Here one learns how to be patient, tolerant and how to do a whole lotta nothing.

This is the life!

Cousins Nazeer, Reagan, Sasha and Riko chilling


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