I love it when family and friends add love to my circle of life

On  Friday evening, Levona, Hilary and I trekked off to Groote Schuur hospital to visit our aunt, Aunty Henna.  What a lovely evening we had. Aunty Henna is our only surviving aunt.  Lecinda and Janine, her two granddaughters were also visiting. The visit turned out to be a fantastic family bonding session. Despite her frail state, Aunty Henna was a wonderful hostess. She lay there in her bed, all regal and proceeded to tell us about the start of her journey to doctors and hospitals.

Aunty Henna and I having a hugging moment and luvin it!
Every detail was described graphically. We heard how Aunty Henna felt that the 'arthritis' was becoming unbearable and then she who never really visited the doctor, started her journey at this phase in her life. We went with her for the X-rays, the MRI's, to the dispensary where she was given 5 tablets that had to be taken for three weeks and then back to the day she fainted. Now, she said, she found herself lying in hospital and she was told she had fainted. And, she remarked, she had just dozed off after nibbling on her food and then the nurse took away her food!  Imagine that, she said, you just nod off and they remove your food without checking. Her voice was calm, her face is beautiful and her mood jovial . Aunty Henna has really aged gracefully.

Janine and Lecinda pose with their Grandmother, Aunty Henna
I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation and silently gave a thankful prayer for being able to have this wonderful time with Aunty Henna.  We joked a bit and then it was time for our photo shoots - an inevitable activity if you are in any way related to the family. I plonked myself on Aunty Henna's hospital bed, much to her amusement and there we were, hugging gently for the picture. This was after Aunty Henna donned her scarf, because there was no way that she was not going to look the part.  Later Levona too climbed on to the bed for her picture with her godmother. This was a good way to end a Friday.

From Left: Hilary, Levona, Aunty Henna and Sharon(me)
Then on Saturday I connected with my lifelong bud, Naomi. We spent a super time at Dulce cafe in Plumstead, hopped in at Pick 'n Pay Family store to buy yellowtail fish which must still be pickled and then drove to our place, chatting all the while and trying to get in all the key pieces. Time passed too soon. In no time we had already spent an hour on 'catch up' at our place in my car. The idea was just to finish the sentence and then allow Naomi to get out of my car, get into hers and then drive hom to freshen up. Naomi was going to a friend's Ph.d celebration party in Pinelands and I was going to drop the fish off at  Desiree's place. Desiree, my eldest sibling was going to make our pickled fish for Good Friday. Needless to say, Naomi had to leave for the party from my home and any dreams of a change of clothes were history - sorry, Bud!

Naomi and I
When I arrived at Desiree's place, the poor yellowtail did not even have a chance to acclimatise. Within minutes there was some batter, the frying pan was sizzling and the 9 onions were already decimated on the counter.  With Desiree in front of stove and me sitting in the lounge, we happily chatted about odds and ends, surely giving the neighbours a reality sister show with our loudspeaker voices to accommodate the distance between us. By the time I left Desiree's place - with my fried yellowtail head and a piece of fried fish, Desiree announced it was time to make the curry onion sauce for the fish.  Pickled fish on Good Friday is still a strong tradition in our family.

Now, only Sunday needs to get some shape. The Jazz band of Bergvliet High is playing at the Waterfront and maybe,just maybe, that is where we need to be.

I have definitely been getting a supersized portion of loving care from family and friends for the past two weeks - the best therapy when one is having those Jonah moments...


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