Clayton Small has big ideas for his grassroots cricket club in Steenberg

Clayton and his cricket team

There was an energetic group of teenagers and adults in the parking area just outside Steenberg Primary School this morning. Of course, curious me had to go and find out where these youngsters were going to.


Clayton Small, a young, energetic educator at Steenberg Primary, is with the group. The other adults are a mom and dad of one of the youngsters and Clayton 's friend. Clayton explains that he and his friend started a cricket club for young people. They were going to practice at the nearby sports field in Retreat where the Peninsula Cricket club has their grounds.


Clayton himself plays for Peninsula Cricket club. After coaching their own team, he was going to play a match at 10h00. I hear how this grassroots youth cricket club was started with sponsorship from someone Clayton's friend had met. The idea is to expand the cricket club to girls as well. There are also plans to establish a proper cricket pitch and build a partnership with Peninsula Cricket club over the next three years. Clayton said they were also going to take the youngsters to see how cricket bats are manufactured.


"Establishing this cricket club takes time, but this is what we want to do, " said Clayton. "Our sponsor demands rigorous planning and we have to submit a comprehensive project plan, reflecting all our business projections with tight time frames. We have to be accountable and be results-driven. And what with all the demands of teaching - the lesson plans, assessments etc.(laughing knowingly), but I enjoy both this and my teaching".


I admire Clayton's passion and dedication. He is a good example of the type of teacher we want all our young people to be exposed to. Someone who is also a community builder, caring and empowering young people to explore and develop their other skills. Last year, Clayton was the Programme director at the school's annual prize giving ceremony.


When I saw him filling this role competently, like a seasoned host, I remember thinking that it is true that young educators flourish when they are provided with opportunities to sharpen their skills. And here today, I see again the multiplier effect of shared learning. The establishment of this community cricket project is an example of the very young being coached by a young adult. No drama, just a desire to share and help others grow. Isn't this enough reason to fill one with hope?


When our conversation ended, I went back into the school hall to join the SGB workshop while Clayton and his group tumbled into the two cars parked there.

A few of the cricketers





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