Celebrating Nazeer's birthday and Glenda's legacy

We have a super celebration in the the family tonight. Our nephew, Nazeer, Aka Nazarro (compliments Pa Peet) will be 21 on Sunday, 8th June but the party is happening today. The party, that is, where all the aunts, uncles, cousins and friends will be. The REAL party, we are told, is a combo celebration of four newly-crowned 21 year olds that will be entertaining their inner circle of friends to a looooong weekend away.


But this 21st celebration - Nazeer's Big Key Day - is a very special one. You see, Nazeer lost his all- time hero, his only parent and chief caregiver when he had just turned seventeen four years ago. Glenda, our darling sister, Nazeer's Mom, finally gave up the fight against cancer in July 2010. Since that time, Nazeer has become Levona and Ricardo eldest son. With our strong family bonds, we could help soften the blow of his loss, but I still believe Nazeer's strength of character and the lessons he learned from Glenda have been critical in his life.


As Glenda's physical health deteriorated, Nazeer gradually had to learn how to do household chores, how to cook and how to find his way around. Many of these tasks were foreign to him because his mum took over all these responsibilities. He was spoilt rotten although his mum was a strict parent. Their relationship was amazing and there were no secrets between the two of them.

I remember the night before Glenda left us, Nazeer was telling his Mom about school and all kinds of things that the two of them normally share. She only had eyes for him and gave a weak smile while Nazeer chatted on non-stop. I remember that he had forgotten something in the ward when we had left that night and he raced back. He was the last one to see her.


Yes, we are celebrating Nazeer's coming of age tonight and when the clock strikes one minue past midnight, we are going to bring the house down. We have to rock the party, because this young man has been through tough experiences and he has just become a stronger, balanced person in the process. Thanks, Sis Glenda, for paving the way for your life and soul, your mini-me, Nazarro.


And tonight, Levona and Ricardo, who took over the baton from Glenda according to her wishes, are the proud parents of Nazeer. Rearing children with love is a God-given privilege. Making sure that our children turn into responsible, loving, well-balanced people is a mammoth task. A huge shout out Levona and Ricardo for remaining steadfast and surrounding Nazeer with a loving family and caring parents. They too, deserve to be celebrated.


So, my dearest, darling nephew: Congratulations! May your blessings multiply and may you be an inspiration to many young and old folk. God's grace is with you, always.



Bring on the music - let us party and rejoice!





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