Cape Town Opera and St Mary's R.C Primary school brought The Magic Flute opera to the Cape Flats.

On Tuesday evening, Cape Town Opera in collaboration with St. Mary's R.C. Primary School staged Mozart's "The Magic Flute". The performance was exquisite. The school children held their own against the professional opera singers as The story of The Magic Flute unfolded on the stage.

The colourful stage 

The children made the opera a magical, accessible story to the audience of doting parents, grandparents, siblings and friends. As Prince Tamino wins the battle to save his sweetheart, Pamina, from her evil mother, the Queen of the Night, the children danced, sang and acted like professional actors. They slipped effortlessly into their various roles as they transformed into birds, crocodiles, snakes, fire or the ocean.

The energetic opera created the ideal platform to showcase the talents of these young school children. The appreciative audience applauded the singing and acting throughout, creating a fun, enjoyable experience for those on and off the stage.

Cape Town Opera singers in action.

As a prelude to the opera, The Magic Flute, the young violinists and flutists entertained the audience with a beautiful piece of music. These students form part of the school choir that participated in the opera. Jill Eichler, a volunteer at the school, started offering violin and flute lessons to the learners a few years ago.

At the end of the show, each of the learners received a copy of book, The Magic Flute, that has been produced by Cape Town Opera.

These are the kinds of cultural experiences that our working class communities need to be exposed to. St. Mary's R.C, together with Cape Town Opera, is helping to debunk the notion that violins and opera belong to an elite class only.

Teresa Muller, the headmistress of St. Mary's R.C. Primary School and Jill Eichler, the volunteer who has initiated a group of violinists and flutists at the school.

Well done, Teresa Muller and St. Mary's R.C. Primary School.  The Magic Flute Opera has opened the floodgates for many more collaborations with Cape Town Opera and more operas on the Cape Flats!


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