We launched our MSED Talk Series 2016 in our education district today.

 Today was the day our education district, Metro South, launched its lunchtime talk series. We are super excited about the possibilities of this talk platform to energise our conversations in the district.

The idea is to invite speakers from education, other industries and all walks of life to share their stories with us. Through the exchange of ideas, we want to share research, knowledge, advice and wisdom with real people who like us, are striving to live a purposeful life, especially in our country.

A few of our colleagues relaxing just before the talk by Lorenzo Davids.

Our first speaker was Lorenzo Davids, the CEO of Community Chest. Lorenzo's talk " A country imagined - challenges born of hope", oozed with authenticity.

" Stories of who we are, are getting lost, " said Lorenzo. " Everybody must tell their stories so that we can build inclusive spaces.  Dialogue must lead to inclusivity. We need to build relationships, play by the rules and live a values-based life. This is what responsible citizens will do."

Our director, Glen van Harte, said the MSED talks will help us take our conversations to the "doing" level.

"We must take the conversations to the next level. We need to have dialogues on all those difficult issues like race, charity and inclusivity.  We need to debate the issues, challenge one another and then take the transformation to the spaces we work and live in."

Walton, the Deputy Director of MSED chatting to Lorenzo.

Mandy, one of our colleagues, said the following to Lorenzo, as part of her vote of thanks.

"You have made me realize that I must give back to the community I come from. I come from Kimberley and I have decided today, that I will start investing in my home town".

Powerful stuff, I'd say. All the folk who were there, came voluntarily. The MSED Talk Series is voluntary. We want the MSED Talk Series to grow organically and be shaped by the people who will be part of the MSED Talk community.  The SMT of New Eisleben in Philippi and Cassy Dick, the principal of Steenberg Primary School joined us as well. These colleagues told us they will be there at the next talk, if this is what they can expect.

Cassy Dick and district colleagues with Glen looking on.

We are going to extend the invitation to all our schools so that they too can become active participants of the MSED Talk Series.  And we know our principals and SMTs will join us because they thrive on community-building events.

Feel free to let us know if you want to join us on 15 April.  We are looking forward to the talk by Marlene Le Roux, the dynamite CEO of Artscape Theatre.


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