Catwalking from Muizenberg to Kalk Bay

Jenny, Sharon, Carol and Naomi at Surfer's Corner
Our History

You could probably say we are like a Friends Forever Foursome. Carol, Naomi, Jenny and I have been friends since primary school - well,that is in the case of Carol,Jenny and I. I met Naomi when we moved into 10th Avenue, Retreat, when we were finally offered a council-owned property.  So, for the greater part of four decades, we have known one another and as life is, we drifted and set up our own lives. Naomi and I have been inseparable,of course. We had an unwritten pact to see each other at least twice in a year. On such dates we would spend hours talking through the night, consuming tons of cigarettes and at least a bottle of red wine. 

Legs-ercise - Warming up for the walk
However, last year we decided to have a reunion with the other muskateers and that is how the four of us have rejuvenated our circle of friendship . This is the best decision we have made because our planned get-togethers have been nothing short of fun.  Our latest escapade has been a walking date along Sunrise Beach, Muizenberg and all along the catwalk to Kalk Bay.

Catwalk secrets

The catwalk with Surfer's Corner in the distance.
The drizzle did not dampen our spirits at all. We donned our anoraks and tried to hide most of our frizzy-prone hair from the unforgiving damp. Then we trudged along to great conversation about my hike in the De Hoop reserve, Jenny's exciting story about her family's St. Helenan history and of course, the challenges of being moms in these trying times.  Occasionally these stories had to be suspended so that we could do our photoshoots. Any willing walker became our photographer when we needed a picture of the foursome.  

Pit stop at The Railway House Restaurant

Entrance to the Railway House: Jenny, Carol and Naomi
Before we knew it, we were in Kalk Bay. We stopped at the quaint Railway House restaurant for coffee and crepes.  This restaurant doubles as a shop selling antiques. As you make your way to the restaurant, you pass an assortment of kitchen sinks, bathroom basins, a two-seater school bench with ink hole holders and rusty chairs arranged haphazardly, as if they are in use and just happen to be there.

 In the restaurant, all the tables and chairs are unique and symbols of a bygone era. A few of the tables were dining tables and one looked like an old-fashioned board room throwaway. We were fascinated by the old formica kitchen cabinets and chairs that used to be standard items in our homes.  A gift box with a flapped lid doubled as the bill holder.

 Even the bathroom has a well-used toilet with a long flush chain.  The adage " one man's junk is another's treasure" was illustrated here in no uncertain terms. We chatted about the irony of us trying to get rid of all those items which now seemed to have gained collector's item status at the Railway House.

Fishing fun and laughter in the autumn sun

By the time Naomi, Jenny, Carol and I resumed our walk to return to our cars parked at Sunrise Beach, the weather had cleared and everybody seemed to have targeted the Muizenberg-Kalk Bay strip for a mid-morning activity. 

A cheerful fisherman striking a pose
The sea was alive with surfers taking advantage of the waves and the beach was host to families with small children who frolicked in the low waves. Even the catwalk was lined with fishermen who had cast their nets and were leaning back against the concrete embankment, patiently waiting for the fish to bite. One jolly fisherman, armed with his cane basket, fishing rod, paunch and gumboots, happily posed for a picture.  

The joys of life

Life is indeed special if one is prepared to absorb the delights and suspend all those thoughts and things that tend to eat away at one's soul.  

I can't wait for our next Friends Forever outing in September.


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