I Miss My Cheeky Lizard

One day Lizzie, the Lizard, just popped out of the Asparagus-fern that grew on the pillar base in our garden at the office.  There she was, tanning, preparing for summer.  The trouble is that Lizzie has occupied my favourite 'chill' spot and I now felt like the intruder.  

Lizzie, my casual buddy for a summer
Interestingly, Lizzie stayed the entire summer. She was already there on "our" fern-covered seat whenever I arrived - how punctual!  As I walked towards her, I would chat, more like shoo-ing her away and often I would remind her that that was my place. My colleagues, Thomas and Kay, found our love-hate relationship highly amusing.  There I was, talking in non-lizard lingo and Lizzie staring at me, head cocked to the side and making no attempt to dodge into the greenery.

We followed this ritual the whole summer until I went on annual leave early December. On my return, I looked for my buddy, but she was no where to be seen. 

Caught in the act - going to her sunny spot
Whenever I sit on my favourite spot and Thomas passes by, we would still talk about Lizzie and how she entertained us.  I suspect Thomas misses our lizard and our monologues just as much as I do.  


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