I love family traditions

Christo (left) with his 21st key. Big brother Brett is in the middle, flanked by Dad, Basil on his right.
Nowadays so many people believe family traditions are old-fashioned and out of keeping with the modern world. The 21st celebrations that used to be a huge event, complete with a 21st key to celebrate the "Coming Of Age", is also under threat, it seems.

When I was looking for a 21st key for our son, Christo, I was fascinated with a few responses. There were folk who said they didn't hand over the symbolic key while others settled for another symbol like a chain to substitute the key. Even Basil, my husband, said that " 21st keys" are outdated. I almost fainted!

There was no way we were not going to have The Wooden Key. The key made from wood is, as far as I was concerned, the true symbol of celebrating your coming of age. I wasn't going to fall into the trap of the modern thinking and started hunting for someone who could sculpt a 21st key with a drum figurine for our #Oxy Drummer son, Christo. Lavinia's brother came to the rescue and lo and behold, there was the most beautiful, one of a kind "coming of age" key, ready for the BIG handover to its owner.

I believe we treat family traditions too lightly and suspect we deliberately want them to go away. As if they are a nuisance factor, a throwback from the past. An irritating memory. Okay, I may be going overboard here.


Family traditions are the coolest ways to keep families together. Traditions help to preserve our identity as family and they help to give the young people a sense of belonging. Traditions are part of the family brand, I'd say. Family traditions are the glue to help families. They are cultural and moral compasses to provide a sense of direction, comfort and familiarity in our complex world.

Yes, yes...
I am an unapologetic advocate of family celebrations and parties. Being a traditional family doesn't mean forsaking the modern trappings and living in the dark ages. Absolutely not! You can be as high tech as you want to be - that's what we are too - but you don't have to live in a candy floss world where you chase in the mist. You need some deep roots and that's the power of family traditions.


Well done to those who find ways to keep family bonds strong and healthy even when "rough winds do shake the darling buds of May" ( thanks, William Shakespeare). To those who have not given family traditions much thought before: you're missing out. You may just be leaving your children and future generations with nothing but memories of computers, malls and whatsapps!

Be bold. Do what successful companies do to preserve their brand and embed their culture. If you want to start reviving your family traditions, then "Think different" (yebo, Apple), "think tomorrow" (ah, Samsung) and Just Do It" ( yeah... yeah Nike).

in which category do you fall? We would love to hear your views!


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