Use a checklist to ensure your job application covers all bases.

This is the fourth post in the blog series, "Job Application Smarts".  In this post we will discuss how you can ensure that your job application works in your favour.  The previous two posts focus on the design of a power CV that can help you to be shortlisted for an interview.

As mentioned in the earlier posts, employers require that you fill in a paper application or an online application for the job advertised. In both cases, the organizations will require you to complete a customized job application form.

Paper-based vs e-recruitment job application forms.

If the business still requires paper-based job applications, you should fill in the application form and provide a curriculum vitae as well. If the organization has an online application form, as in the case of the Western Cape Education Department (WCED)'s e-recruitment portal,  you will notice that the application form and the CV have been merged. Either way, you should ensure that all the mandatory fields are completed accurately.

When you have completed the personal profile section, review the information that you have entered. Run the following check as a guideline:

  • Have you included the job advert number accurately?
  • Have you reflected only the academic qualifications that can be verified?
  • Do you satisfy the minimum years of experience that you need for that respective job?
  • Have you included accurate employment history dates?
  • Do you have the required industry membership?
  • Have you indicated whether you have a criminal record or not? 
  • Have you signed the document, especially if the job application is  paper-based? 
  • Are there specific supporting documents that must be included with your job application?
  • Have you certified all the copies of supporting documents you have to submit?

Review your job application form thoroughly. Answer truthfully. Do not misrepresent yourself, no matter what information is provided. Your application may be disqualified if you leave out mandatoryinformation that is requested.

Well done for having come this far.  You should have a well-written, powerful CV, including the application form if it is a separate form.  Late applications are usually immediately disqualified.  Don't do anything that will jeopardize your chances of being considered for an interview.

The next post will focus on the Job Interview.  Do pass this blog on to your friends who can use this information.



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