A warm, welcoming entrance at Hillwood Primary school brightened up this chilly Autumn Day.

I was SO excited when I saw how Hillwood Primary School In Lavender Hill has beautified their entrance to the school.  The clinical look was gone and in its place, an inviting space that welcomes you as soon as you set foot into the administration block of the school.

From left: Ms Powell, Ms Johannes, Ms Williams and Ms Adams, the SGB chair.

Three teachers - Ms Powell, Ms Johannes and Ms Williams were the project managers. Mr Klein, the caretaker principal at the school explained that these three teachers worked after school and over weekends to complete the project.

I wanted to know what prompted the makeover of the foyer area.

"The area looked drab. We wanted a bright, sunny colour and wanted the foyer to be warm and welcoming," said Ms Powell. "We recruited painters from the community, via Ms Adams, the school governing chairperson, and roped in Tarno, a talented artist who is employed at Levana Primary School. It is the first time that he has attempted to make a plaque and he himself was chuffed with the final product."

Mr Klein, Margie and Mark with two of the learners

"There was initial resistance when we started" said Ms Johannes, beaming from ear to ear. But, that is normal. We were not deterred because we know that it is usually the idea of change that makes us feel apprehensive. Now, when colleagues pass through the foyer, they look happy and some even stop to admire the area. We are very happy with the end result."

A beautiful collage that reflects Hillwood pride.

Ms Williams, the other project manager agreed with her colleagues. They indeed enjoyed beautifying the foyer. There is talk that the staffroom and the bathroom areas need similar makeovers. These three passionate educators are almost unstoppable as they reflect on the process of making the foyer a beautiful, functional space. Children's artwork is displayed in one corner and the bold vision and mission statement catch your eye when you enter the foyer area.

"We had the support of the SGB and Mr Klein who allowed us to use our own initiative," the educators said.

Isn't it heartwarming to know that schools are always trying to transform their schools into beautiful, vibrant spaces? When schools transform their physical spaces to reflect a sense of community, we know they are on the right track.

Well done, Hillwood.  I look forward to seeing the facelifts you have in store for the staffroom and the ablution blocks.

Ms Adams, the chairperson of the SGB joins the three teacher interior designers, Ms Johannes, Ms Williams and Ms  Powell in a section where there is learner artwork and a massive flower sticker artwork.


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