School Prize giving ceremonies are always heartwarming.

I was privileged to attend the prize giving ceremonies at Delta Primary School and Floreat Primary School during the second last week of this school year.

Delta Primary School's Prize giving ceremony

Delta Primary School's newly-launched choir sang at the Prizegiving ceremony.

This was the inaugural prize giving ceremony at Delta, one of the innovations that their new principal, Hilton Palanyandi, introduced. Another first for the school is their school choir. As a fledgling choir, the number of members is impressive.

"When the choir started, there were only thirteen  learners. Now the choir mistress has difficulty keeping the choir a decent size because of the growing interest," said Hilton Palanyandi.

The school's cadet drill squad also showed off their drilling skills at the ceremony. The master of ceremonies thanked the group and then proceeded with the programme. He looked surprised that the drill squad was not moving off the stage. Eventually one of the drill captains whispered to him," we need to march off, Sir." So much for discipline!

Floreat Primary School Prize giving ceremony

Noel Isaacs, Principal of Floreat Primary school is flanked by three alumni of the school

The interesting feature at Floreat Primary School's Prize giving ceremony was that three past students were the guest speakers. The youngest Floreat Primary alumnus, Jason, had just completed his undergraduate degree at the University of the Free State. He was one of the learners whom Professor Jonathan Jansen had offered a study bursary to.

Long serving staff members - teaching and non-teaching staff - were also affirmed at the ceremony.

It is good to know that schools regard prize giving ceremonies as an institution. It is one school event where parents and their children can enjoy the fruits of their labour during the year.


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