Vote for my blogs in the SA Blog Awards competition if you find them useful and entertaining.

Both my blogs have been entered into the SA Blog Awards 2015.  If you like the content of the blogs, then please vote for my blogs.

Perhaps a brief profile of each blog will help  refresh your memory of the focus of my blogs.

In my lifestyle blog,, I generally write about all my experiences and encounters from breakaways, friendships,  family life, to personal nuggets of my own life. Sometimes I ramble on about little things and at other times I am just giving you peek into the real me. 

In my educational blog,, I focus on school matters. I try to share stories of schools, give advice on management and leadership, human resource management and other school matters. I hope that The School Corridor Tatler will become a useful resource for school managers and their SMT teams. I wish I had more time to write posts but perhaps in the future, I will be able to generate far more posts than I do now.

If you want to participate in the voting process of the SA Blog Awards and vote for one (or both), you will see a SA Blog Awards Badge on each of the blogs.  It really looks cool!

When you click on the VOTE badge, you will be directed to the SA Blog Awards website. To complete your vote, you should then enter your e-mail address . You will receive a confirmation e-mail that you have to respond to in order to confirm your vote. That's it!

One minor irritation: you will not be able to see the VOTE badge if you access the mobile version of the blogs on your smartphone. You will have to scroll to the bottom of the screen and then click on the 'website' version. You only have to do this in order to vote or subscribe to my blogs.

The voting period ends 08 January 2016. Do share the blogs with family and friends. Who knows, they may find some inspiration and add another vote.

Thanks for always reading the blogs. I appreciate your time and interest.  Because of my readers, I remain inspired to continue sharing stories that will impact and help all of us grow in the process.

Happy voting!


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