School Principals need a healthy dose of humour, say our panelists

Managing and leading a school is serious business, but should a principal be equally stoic in demeanor and attitude? See what our panelists had to say when they were asked: Should a principal have a good sense of humour?

"The best principals are those with a sense of humour. Those who don't take themselves too seriously and can laugh at themselves. I've always suspected that when fun-loving teachers become principals they have to first graduate from asshole school. Those who don't are the best principals. It is a prerequisite to being a good leader - having and maintaining a sense of humour." Rowan Esau. Educator at Square Hill Primary School and now a district official responsible for school enrichment.
Rowan adding spice to life.

I once heard : "Humour is mankind's device to escape suffering" - Based on this, with all that our principals" experience and educators, humour will at least lighten things up that seem to be depressing to SO MANY in the education system. A leader that is serious may have a negative impact on his/her staff. Things are already hectic as it is. Being humorous will bring about some hope and positivity. To conclude , before I go overboard lol , "a sense of humor is part of the art of leadership, of getting along with people, of getting things done" (Quote by Dwight D. Eisenhower). Adrian van der Hoven, educator and acting as Grade Head at Floreat Primary School.

Adrian with a few of his young charges

Always, amids the most serious issue there are almays some facet to laugh or smile about. It keeps you grounded and create space for yourself to reflect on the issue. We operate in the world of children and their "mistakes or errors" are how they learn. Adults bedevil this process with their excessive seriousness.. It also assist the principal to remain sane in a sometimes mad world. All of us cannot end up in "blou-dakkies" lol. Clifford Kiewit, Deputy Principal and veteran educator at Lavender Hill High School.


"Principals with a sense of humour, make happy educators and learners!!"Hazel Petersen, parent, fun-loving community person with a wicked sense of humour, ardent Liverpool supporter.

Hazel and her car with its Hazel registration


Wise words from those with their feet firmly on the ground.



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