UNESCO Arts Education Week 2014 is celebrated on the Cape Flats, Cape Town


Tonight was a glorious evening. South Africa was represented at the UNESCO Arts Education Week 2014 by two local Cape Town schools, Steenberg Primary School and Oaklands High school. This was made possible by CICLO Arts Educational exchange project that coordinated Arts Exhibitions and Performances in four cities: Cape Town, Copenhagen Rio and St. Petersburg. CICLO partnered with the Frank Joubert Art Centre where the Steenberg Primary learners receive lessons.


The performance, aptly named Into the Sun, tells the story of how young people try to find a solution for the problems of pollution and crime in their 'Hood'. The stage came alive as the young performers dazzled us with their music, dance and drama. The infusion of learner artwork evident in the props and costumes is a visual testimony of the creativity and genius of the youth. They are born to be expressive and to cross all boundaries of race, class and culture. The fact that the Grade 7s of Steenberg Primary school only spent 48 hours to stage a polished production is amazing!

Nicolette Frank, educator and Arts coordinator at Steenberg Primary school said: " The Grade 7 Pipeline Band has inspired me. Our children are our pride and our responsibility. We are demonstrating that we are resilient. We will not be intimidated. The real barometer of how caring our community is, is determined by how we care for our children. Arts is a catalyst to bring about meaningful change. Enjoy the performance and the magical music our children planned for you, but remember them when they return to their real music in the Hood."

The performers: Steenberg Primary and Oaklands High School

Pipe on, Steenberg Primary school. Pipe on all schools as we work relentlessly to push back against the tide of crime, pollution and poverty.



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