Brain-based exercises to help Grade 12 learners at Lavender Hill

Grade 12 learners have been learning how to switch on their brains today. Levona, a physiotherapist, has volunteered to demonstrate how learners can improve their concentration.

Simple exercises were done with the enthusiastic learners. They were showed how to march and do crossovers to activate their brains. Learners were surprised to hear that sipping water regularly helps keep the brain alert. 

When the learners did the deep breathing exercises, they found the leg and hand crossovers fascinating. Loud breathing could be heard in the school's makeshift hall.

"The brain is our engine. We are learning to develop new habits. We have to learn how to eat properly, learn how to relax and how to concentrate. You are as gifted and as talented as any other learner at other schools. All we have to do is harness our energies and make the commitment to retrain our brains. That is the secret,"said Levona.

The group of learners were amazingly attentive and willing to try the exercises. 

These are the practical strategies that our learners need. Often we assume that learners know how to maximize their learning potential.

"These are simple tools you can use. Put these easy strategies into practice, switch on your brains, make the changes over the 32 weeks and you will be a winner, " smiled Levona. 
Learners doing the deep breathing technique.

Levona, physiotherapist, with Faseeg Manie, the school principal of Lavender Hill High school.


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