Cassy Dick and her business partner, Louis talk about their community-building journey

Cassy and her business partner, Louis
We are sitting in the Santam auditorium in Tygervalley. Cassy invited a few of her peers, colleagues and her son, Lee, to her presentation. Cassy and her business partner, Louis, an actuary were going to share how their partnership benefitted themselves and especially the school community.

They identified four issues to focus on: discipline, staff development, finance management support, actioning the vision and mission of the school and parent involvement at the school.
Louis was the first speaker. He explained how he and Cassy had to developed their relationship and the amazing shifts that the two of them experienced.

"As we worked together over a period of one year, the communication became more focused on the human being behind the generic labels of principal, actuary, learner and parent. " I gained far more than I expected," said Louis.

"We have travelled together as a partnership. During this year, I met so many people who have influenced my development, tremendously. What stands out for me is the "Flawless Consulting" workshop. The benefits of being in partnership with others is life changing," added Cassy.

Tonight was again a demonstration of the power of networking and team learning. What was also striking is that Cassy's mentoring network partners in the circuit were there to celebrate with her. Yes , Lavinia, Noel and Lameez came alongside Cassy to show that they care and that they support her lifelong learning.

These kinds of socio-educational spaces are often the centres where community building is spontaneous - places where everybody wins.
Bridgetown High learners entertained us


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