Don't miss out on the last opportunity to write SA Matric on the old curriculum

There is nothing you can really do if you don't have a Matric certificate. You can have all the knowledge and skills in the world, but if you don't have your Matric certificate, doors will slam in your face. The Matric certificate is the golden ticket to create opportunities for you.


You will still search for a job, but it may be easier to secure a job if you can show a Matric certificate. You may want to find a better job, but the prospective employer wants that grade 12 certificate. Only then will he or she allow you to be considered as a potential employee. Then only will your skills be recognized, no matter what people may tell you to the contrary.


If you find this hard to believe, ask any one of the 141 adult learners who sat for their Business Economics examination today at just one of the Examination centres I visited today. According to the chief invigilator, Mr Charles, 100 of the candidates did not turn up. The Steenberg High centre manager, Mr Williams told me that more than 200 candidates sat for the Language examination.


I believe the other examination centres are equally oversubscribed. Our district office had to assist with transport on occasions because traumatized candidates couldn't get to their venues at times. This is an indication of the desperation of the folk who know they are running against the clock.


I scanned the candidates writing. There were the older adults and the young adults sharing the same space. Each one of them was focused and the common driver is that important piece of paper, the Matric certificate. They must have spent hours preparing for their examination because there is no time to waste. Life is happening. Time is running out. Every year hundreds of job seekers enter the job market and more people compete for the shrinking number of jobs available.


I asked one of the candidates writing, whether she has studied and whether she will pass well.


Oh yes, I studied hard and I will do well," she said. I am here to use my second chance well."


I fully agree and give her the thumbs up. Currently our unemployment rate is 25%. That means about 5 million employable people are without jobs. Youth unemployment in our country is the third highest in the world. These are staggering facts; the harsh reality.


These are the facts regardless of how you view the value of the Matric certificate or the quality of the examination. These are the bread and butter issues. No Matric equals an even slimmer chance of lifting your head out of the mud.


Time is of the essence. Those who still want to write Matric on the old curriculum have a last chance. You need to register with the provincial education department to write the last set of examinations in May/June 2015. Register by 25 Seltember, 2014 to write then get your plan sorted. Please make enquiries to confirm this information.


Don't delay; make that decision to finish your Matric that you may not have had a chance to clinch many years ago. We are waiting to applaud your courage!




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