Our peacock genes are our downfall...

Ah... When I saw the peacock striding at Imhoff farm, looking rather bored at us, I knew it; we are like these showy birds. Just like the peacock, we know when to show off, when to lure and when to appeal to the vanity of our species!

I am putting it out there now... Right, here goes... I am thinking more and more about how messed up we are. The tragedy is that our personal and collective actions come at a hefty price. Yes, other ordinary folk have to bear the brunt of our selfishness. Why can't we just look out for one another?


Whenever a human atrocity makes the headlines, there is just this heightened awareness of the craziness of this world of ours. How for example, can we be so screwed up as a human race? How can close to 250 young school girls just be kidnapped in Nigeria and there is not a world outcry about this unacceptable barbaric act! Facebook statuses are providing me with more information than the regular news. Why don't the super powers use their financial, military and diplomatic power to rescue our children? I'll tell you why: they don't care ...


Then we are going to the polls here in South Africa in a few days time. The political parties are all competing for our vote and they are campaigning as if they all have a clean slate. As if the country is starting a new race. Are they blind to the poverty around us and the huge chasm between the rich and the poor? All of them are trying to sketch a picture of a dream country - quoting figures and describing projects that are not going to change the hunger, the need for decent homes and jobs NOW...


I am going to make my mark anyway because we need to use our voice on all the different platforms that are available.




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