Be the change you want to see.

One of these days we will be entering a new year, the year 2015. The ideal time to get rid of toxic people in your life. You know the kind that drains our energies. They come in all shapes and sizes and they are everywhere. Let's go minimalist on those people who complicate our lives. Let us be grape pickers of our own vineyards. Shall we start our pruning and harvesting? Right, here we go.
We are that bounteous cluster of grapes, brimming with life. Here and there we see a spoilt grape tucked between the energising grapes. Remove these imperfections and see them as those people that you wish to exclude from your life. Those shriveled grapes may even be parts of your own personality that you wish to change. Go ahead. Prune vigorously so that you can make way for new sprouts, new beginnings.

If we can visualize this cleansing, transformational process, we are well on our way to improving our quality of life. Now we just have to put our plan into action. This may sound simple, but the reality is, the journey will be tough. We will struggle to let go because of the trauma that goes with such a process. If we want to live for those things that matter, we have to make tough choices.

Getting rid of toxic people or even toxic habits is liberating. We don't have to be the way we are or be surrounded by negativity because we are afraid to make changes that will do us good.

Our quality of life matters because we matter. Our lives have purpose. We are here as spiritual beings having earthly experiences. We therefore owe it to God and ourselves to live fully and meaningfully. So, let's eliminate those obstacles in our path, chip away at those unpleasant, raw edges of ourselves and move towards a more fulfilled life.

We deserve to sparkle and we can start right now.


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