We can craft our own ring road.

"My ring road is my own creation. It's where I am happiest."
                                                                                           - Keith Niekerk

Part of the ring road in the West Coast National Park

The principle of the demand and supply model is straightforward. When there is a need, you supply the resources. The tricky part is we confuse our needs with our wants.

We convince ourselves that we need more of those things that give us instant satisfaction, regardless of the cost. We crave more material things to feed our addictions. The more we see, the more we want. Living like this is living on the edge - right on the brink of spiralling out of control and losing sight of true living.

Our real basic needs are simple. We merely need to live in harmony with ourselves, others and the environment. Therein lies the struggle. These simple life-enhancing pleasures are difficult to satisfy because of the high costs. The price of love, respect, sharing and tolerance is much higher than those things you can buy with cash only.  It is like a long term investment that accrues wealth cumulatively. The more you invest in yourself and others, the greater the richness and wholesomeness of your community. 

We know this, but our minds are like bodyguards protecting our comfort zone. Our minds will amplify the discomfort that go hand in hand with change. It is far easier to construct our ring roads to preserve ourselves rather than building one that creates a world where we can prosper and live at peace with our environment.

Self-growth compels us to choose the high ring road.  We can take small steps to manage the changes. We can start by decluttering our personal vision and slowly introduce steps to live healthier,simpler lives. The joy of knowing where our happy place is, is priceless.


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