School stationery lists drive parents crazy.



School Stationery is a lucrative business. Nowadays regular supermarkets have well-stocked stationery aisles sitting right next to the cereals and canned foods. School stationery lists often imitate the requirements of a business and suppliers and shops are laughing all the way to the bank.


Use of notebooks at school is different to business records

Teachers want 192-page (or even 322-page hardcovers) as notebooks and up to 30-page flip files for projects, Why would schools want students to use such expensive, high quality stationery items for standard writing exercises?


Businesses must consider their branding and the longevity of the notebooks to record important business information. Children need these writing books for one academic year. Often these books are half-filled with writing by year end. Does this high cost justify requesting hardcovers for standard schoolwork?


Health risks of heavy school bags

There are also health concerns. Lugging these heavy notebooks and textbooks to school every day, affect children's posture and make them tired even before their school day started.


Next step for schools

Schools must rethink their stationery lists and make changes to suit their classroom needs, the cost factor and the children's health.









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