Create your own web-based curriculum vitae on WCEDs e-recruitment system

Today we are going to show you how to create your web-based curriculum vitae on the Western Cape Education Department's e-recruitment website. Are you ready?

When was the last time you updated your curriculum vitae? Now that the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) has its e-recruitment system, you can finally have your own web-based curriculum vitae. Because your curriculum vitae (CV) is stored on the E-recruitment portal, you will be spared many headaches trying to revise your personal profile. You can update your skills, experience and knowledge regularly. And should that desired post become available online, you will be ready to press the 'send' button in a flash.

Many teachers may argue that they don't need a relevant CV because they are happy in the post or at the post level they currently occupy.  I can think of three reasons why you should have a CV or a personal profile.

Three benefits of creating your own web-based curriculum vitae.

1.     There may be promotion or senior positions available at your school or at other schools that you can apply for. The WCED does not accept paper-based applications for educator posts anymore. You may find yourself under pressure then to start the process.

2     I believe we should have a comprehensive personal profile to help us track our own growth. This is where the web-based curriculum vitae will be a valuable reflective tool. You can use the information to act as a reference for your performance appraisal as well.

3.    Uploading your curriculum vitae online will give you the experience of surfing the internet and getting practical experience of working on web-based applications.

Getting started on the e-recruitment system of the WCED.

1.   Register as a user on the WCED e-recruitment system. Once you have received your registration confirmation via the e-mail address that you have supplied, you can activate the online application form.

2.   You are ready to create your Personal Profile.  Don't worry too much about having all your information at hand.  Initially, you just want to familiarise yourself with the online application form. Populate all your personal details and your qualifications. This should be a breeze.

3.   The other fields that you need to populate are: your employment history, training and development, experience, responsibilities, extra-mural activities, achievements and community involvement. These sections require serious thought and brainstorming. Write down each of the positions you held or those that you are currently in.

 If you are a newly-qualified educator, you may record the positions you held during your teaching internship at schools and even the experience you gained while working part-time in other industries.  (added on 12 June 2015 as a response to my niece, Kristen, who is currently doing her Post Graduate Educator Diploma).

4.   Create multiple sets of Experience sections ( click here to take you to the relevant post). For example, you will have different sets for Leadership and Management and Financial Management. These sets can then be linked to relevant posts that you may be applying for.

Closing comments

Spend time engaging with the e-recruitment online application. You can save your information and go back when you want to update your curriculum vitae. You can review your CV in PDF and the programme allows you to download a copy.

In the next post, I will be discussing the importance of matching your skills sets with the jobs you are applying for.

How did you find this information? Please feel free to engage me via a comment and help me to provide the information you need.

See you soon!


  1. I am already registered as a user but every time I try to apply the system responds' error your personal details could not be saved. Please help I need to apply.


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