Hello, there. I am SUPER thrilled to have met you via my blog, School Corridor Tatler.

Let me tell you a bit about myself and the corridors I pass through most of the time.
Our family with the youngsters and their partners.


I am Proudly South African and I have lived all my life in one of the world’s most beautiful cities, Cape Town. Our signature personality is that we are a vibrant, sometimes noisy lot and we adore making others feel ridiculously welcome when they visit our country and city.

I have a wonderful family who can drive me crazy ( or, is it the other way round?).  My husband, Basil and our three children remind me that life is a precious gift, that there is nothing like the joys of family and that relationships are complex and necessary. We love to create family moments and camping runs in our blood. Knowing that God is my rock and looking out for me give me great delight and reassurance that I am here to live life fully and be of service to others.

From Left: Brett (eldest son), Basil (The Don), Sasha (Matric Belle), Ma (Mom-in-law), Sharon (me) and Christo (sans the afro he now sports!)


 Teaching is in my DNA.  I am passionate about education.  I believe that education opens doors of opportunity, especially for the poor children that I have taught and for the ones in schools that I now serve.

 I taught at Grassy Park High School – on the Cape Flats in Cape Town – for 25 years. I started out as a starry-eyed youngster and left there with valuable life lessons.  Now I am an education district official. I manage 17 schools in the impoverished areas of the Lavender Hill-Steenberg belt as well as in the Ocean View area. These schools serve children from areas where poverty, broken families, ongoing gang  fights and unemployment live side by side.

  I am humbled by the passion and the resilience of the principals and teachers of these schools. They are truly my heroes. When I see daily how these movers and shakers push ahead to make their schools great, I am compelled to offer a superior education support service.

A few of the school leadership team members I work with. At the back, third from left is our former Education District Director, Eugene Daniels. This picture was taken after a workshop run by #Eugene Daniels.

These are the THREE key foci of The School Corridor Tatler:

  •  I celebrate and affirm the achievements of the schools I serve. I see great things happening and I need to broadcast these success stories to the whole world.  Why should I be the only one that enjoys such greatness?

  • I share Leadership and management ideas so that others can benefit from these and we can grow together.

  • I also share ideas on good classroom management practices and on human resource management.

In short, I see myself as a life coach and mentor who has the responsibility to serve others via sharing stories.

That’s it, folks.

 I look forward to your visits and your chats. Let’s keep moving along together at our happy space, The School Corridor Tatler.



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